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When I was growing up, kids would take an old Chevelle, lift the rear end with some fats and bolt on glass packs.  They were ready to go and those were cool cars.  How time marches on and the front wheel drive turd boilers took over from the questionable quality of American metal.  The front wheel drive cars were somewhat tepid and boring....more than somewhat.  Then today's tuners got them and the import manufacturers started putting some performance in their once fuel efficient grocery getters.

We've reviewed LS Motors a few times.  When we were first introduced to Liam it was through his Triumph Daytona look-a-like which is amazingly quick and still a "go to" when I want to scream around a track.  He also puts together some sweet sports cars from the modern era.  This NISS GTR is one of those.

Jumping back into history mode again and Datsun made the 240, their two door, rear wheel drive sports car.  The evolution continued through rebranding from Datsun to Nissan with the rebirth of the 300Z and into the high performance version the GT-R. 

Liam's contribution to automotive history or the progression of history into sports car evolution is with his NISS GTR and this is a fine beast.  Weighing in at a mere 32 prims and perfectly balanced for the track, the car has the potential of being a drifter's tire burner of choice. 

I took the GTR on the track and was able to lay down some respectable lap times until my WiFi started skipping.  With some added tuning, I could get even better times.  What I liked most about the GTR is the styling.  Now I like most any car, even the Yugo has some character (not a great one but it has one).  The 300Z styling reminds me of my old Eclipse GS-T with a whole lot more performance.  It is space age, progressive in design and a true competitor to any Boxter on the road.

SL has a lot of options from show room ready classics to museum quality presentations.  When you want to go through a set of tires or four, why not have a car which can handle it?  The GTR is that car and one you'll have a blast driving.

About LS Motors

Liam doesn't have an inworld store which means you can't try out a vehicle before you buy it.  Hey, that's why you have me.  I did a fairly thorough test of the vehicles in their out of the box state (I didn't adjust any settings) and honestly, I couldn't find anything wrong with either model.  Both are fun to admire and far more fun to drive.  Is fun worth it?  Hell yeah!!

Find Liam in world or through his Marketplace store.

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