Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ice's Custom Choppers R1M - Race Bike

Ice's Custom Choppers R1M - Race Bike

Iceman Suavage is a cruiser and chopper kind of builder.  The question is can a leopard change its spots?  In this scenario, can a cruiser/chopper builder build a purpose built race bike which also performs?  The answer is HELL YEAH!

A couple of months ago, Ice asked me to test his R1M he was building for someone who wanted a crotch rocket.  Ice does a lot of custom work and if you're able to get on his list, there will be many ahead of you.  Now I like crotch rockets and if my system could contribute to my ability to set reasonable lap times, I would appreciate them more. Sure I like all sorts of bikes but sometimes, focusing intently on setting a fast time is cathartic.  It always has been for me.

The first iteration of the R1M was more cruiser oriented.  Not so much a Fat Boy type of cruiser but the kind of cruising you might do on the street.  Think of it this way, the bike felt like a commuter and on the face of it, that would be fine for me.  This was not Ice's goal, he wanted to build a track demon.  The second iteration, this one, is the track demon he wanted.

For me, going fast on a bike with KCP/ACS scripting means you forgo some of the settings which allow the rider to leisurely roam around tracks.  The faster you want to go, the more sensitive the steering, resistance and bonus.  Dig around the controls menu of the KCP menu and you'll get understand this.  Seems it was one of my first articles too.  I've learned a lot more sense then.

Another challenge with race bikes in SL is the dreaded mesh grab.  For me, the faster I go on a bike which isn't correctly constructed, the bike become imbedded in walls, roads and anything supposedly solid.  It can be frustrating to get the result I want.  When I got the final version of the R1M, I knew the beta was solid in all conditions and the this newer version was the same.  There was absolutely no mesh grab.!

As this is a racer, it turns on a dime at almost any speed.  This takes some getting used to riding it.  When I found a corner, I could turn at the corner rather than leading into it.  For a cruiser, I would hate this feature.  For a racer, I love it. 

So can leopards have different spots, no but Ice can sure as hell build a race bike.  Good thing he isn't a leopard and instead is an awesome builder!  You have options when you want to turn off the world and just focus your mind, reflexes and hand/eye coordination...the Ice's Custom Choppers R1M is a serious option. 

You can get your bike from Ice's Custom Choppers right here and see what he has listed in his Marketplace store.  Most of his creations are inworld and while you're visting, be sure to meet Ice, he'll be someone worth knowing.  Take a ride on Ice's track too.  What's the point in getting a bike if you can't test it first?

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