Sunday, June 25, 2017

Devil's Head Bike Show

Devil's Head Bike Show

The level of creativity in SL is immense and certainly impressive.  It is one reason we enjoy writing Things That Move, witnessing the seemingly limitless creative ability of builders of all stripes.  Fisty Lowtide, our resident subversive, has hosted bike and car shows before with the intent to stimulate building skills and to encourage builders to raise the bar on build quality.  After helping judge, alongside Fisty Lowtide,  the Devil's Head Bike Show, we can assure you the bar is being raised!

The Devil's Head Bike Show was held June 23rd through the 25th and eighteen builders competed for trophies and cash prizes.  What we liked most about the bike show is the judging wasn't based on a builder's popularity, the judges were challenged with picking a 1st , 2nd  and 3rd place among some of the best bike builders in SL.

With any competition, there are rules:
  • Rules are simple..... it MUST be a new bike build. If anyone brings a bike that has been sold to ANYONE, or anyone but you own, it will be disqualified. It MUST be a 100% new build no excuses. You should have plenty of time to build something new for the show.
  • ONE entry per person.
  • No more then 70 prims for the bike.
  • You must be the builder.
  • No bikes built by other people will be allowed.
Builds were judged on the following:
  • Creativity - Outside the box thinking.
  • Textures - Paints, graphics
  • DETAILS - Brake lines....things of that nature
  • Realism - Would it really drive? Go crazy, but not unbelievable.
Things That Move congratulates all of the entrants and winners of the Devil's Head Bike Show.  I can assure everyone, each build blew our minds.   We also applaud Fisty for showing a lot of leadership in bringing together bike builders for this wonderful event.  We wish other vehicle builders would do the same.

1st Prize
Lexxa Choppers
Lexxa's Ride
(Lexxa aka gretchenmaul)

I just recently reviewed Lexxa's old school chops and bobbers.  After we were able to hang out with her for a bit, we learned how big a motor head she is.  What we enjoyed most about her entry, Lexxa's Ride is the level of detail on the paint and the tooling on the seat.  Lexxa didn't just bring an old school chopper to the show, she brought one which is graphically rich and mechanically clean.  I think it says a lot to say "less is more" and still, when you look closely at the pain, seeing the sparkle, there is so much more!

2nd Place
SSC Custom Motorcycles
Mob Star Socal
(Parkin Storme aka hardass parkin)
We've heard Parkin's name mentioned a few times in our travels among bikes and bike tracks.  Seeing how well he has put together what is simply an aped Road King with an impressive La Cosa Nostra themed paint stood out in our eyes.  The detail on the cylinder heads, air box cover and ignition cover grabbed an ordinary bike and made it special.  The chrome work, which seems hard to get right graphically, was extraordinary as well.  This was a work of art.

3rd Place
C&P Motors (Crow Dartmouth)
Crow is someone TTM has reviewed before with our Chopper Comparison.  In seeing his jet turbine powered bike, I can tell you his bike building skills have truly grown exponentially and that is compared to some already serious skills he had when we reviewed his choppers a year ago.  The jet bike, well it boggles the mind with the level of detail.  Now would we want to ride it in RL?  Oh hell no, the temps coming off the turbine would redefine the word pain.  Still in SL, we can do anything and Crow surely has with this build. 

Now can you see why it was so difficult to judge these bikes!   

This was an incredibly difficult show to judge.  While there were three builders who won, we observed some other fun builds Lizzy and I wanted to especially call out.

Miley's Speedshop Steempunk Sled

Moto Bazzi Big Kid Trike

Crazy Riders Nitrous Bike

CMC Creed's Assassin

Space didn't really allow us to show off every builder who entered the show but believe us when we say this, every builder raised the bar in bike design, presentation, detail and quality.  If you can't find a great bike from any of these builders, We'll pray for you to come to your senses.   Here are the other entrants:

Our hats are off to all of the builders.  Building vehicles and toiling away in mesh creator studios as well as Photoshop aren't skills Lizzy and I are likely to develop. Anyone who can build to the level we saw, humbles us.  We can point out what we enjoy and this weekend, eighteen builders put their greatest creations on the block to be judged and I can tell you, each builder is deserving of recognition.

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